Shawna Voreh with The Mint Kitchen Organizing Solutions


The Mint Kitchen is a professional organizing service founded on an intuitive, holistic approach.

As a professional organizer, I facilitate tasks to minimize clutter, both mentally and physically; always with consideration for your space, items, and privacy. My roles as an organizer include sorting, planning, containing, tidying, downsizing, relocation services, and staging. While sessions can be daunting, they can also be quite cathartic. I’ll ease the process. Our sessions will minimize stress and wasted time while maximizing results. Often, the most difficult, yet crucial, step is the first.

I believe in an intuitive approach to organizing—enabling confidence and prioritizing long-term solutions. As your assistant, I will encourage progress without being the ultimate decision-maker. Instead, my coaching will provide expertise to guide you into simplified sessions and lasting results. I want to target your goals, conflicts, and needs. The emphasis is on empowering you to reclaim peace within your home by creating a space that makes sense for your life. We want to break the exhaustive cycle of overwhelm stalling your progress. You may be stuck at the beginning, fatigued by the size of the project, or just unsure of how to dispose of unwanted items. Regardless of the need, I’ll work to promote inspiration in your home. I’m here to support you. Let’s chat, address your goals, and get started.


  • Downsizing
  • Elderly
  • Packing
  • Kids’ Spaces


Home should be a place of rest and clarity.”

My passion in life is for all things ‘home,’ which I feel led to share. I hope to motivate others to create a place of rest within their own homes, removed from the chaos surrounding them. I suppose growing up in a military family led to my need for simplification because of our frequent relocations.

Outside of organizing, I am committed to a life of homemaking. One of my greatest blessings has been the privilege of homeschooling my children. Enriched by the literature and arts shared with my children, I am granted an abundance of inspiration. Each day, I am blessed with the opportunity to do what I love. I also owe much gratitude to my husband for enabling me to live my humble dream.

Making biscuits in the kitchen

When I’m not teaching or working in homes, my hobbies include decorating, note-booking, reading, and baking. I treasure simple life and things of the past, like handwriting family recipes and building a collection of books to pass on. It is my belief that country air, natural lighting, and chocolate are essential for the soul. I also maintain that no matter how busy you get, always make time for sipping coffee with good friends who uplift you.

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