What to Expect

This may be your first meeting with a professional organizer. If so–welcome! Even if you have met with an organizer in the past, it may be a little different this time around. Everyone has their own style and method, but the bottom line is: organizers are here to make the process as easy as possible for you.

There are so many different reasons why someone calls for the assistance of an organizer: you may be struggling to find time, dealing with a medical condition, looking to downsize, move, install new shelving, or any number of other reasons. Whatever your reason–we got you (and if we don’t, we can find someone who does). Sometimes people feel embarrassed inviting a stranger into their home or what they perceive to be a hopeless situation. Chances are, your organizer has probably already stumbled across it before (and quite potentially, even worse). We know schedules get busy, situations come up, life happens, and we can all use the extra help from time to time. Not only that, but a lot of us actually get excited seeing messes!

You can first expect to speak with your potential organizer, who will ask a number of intake questions. These questions allow the organizer to get a feel for your situation and needs. The questions will involve topics such as: what area(s) are you looking to get help with, what are your organizational challenges, what are you hoping to accomplish, what has helped or hindered in the past? You may not know exactly what you need, and that’s okay, but the more direct you can be with your goals, the more likely you are to get the results that you’re hoping for. After the initial intake questions are answered, a consultation will be scheduled. This is an appointment, approximately an hour long, inside the home, and it’s a great time to fire away with questions you may have. There’s no need to do any prep work for this appointment. In fact, we prefer to see the home as it normally is in order to provide the most realistic assessment and practical solutions. We may take measurements and make notes. Plans and estimates will then be discussed, and if you choose to continue, your first working session will be scheduled. You’re on your way!

The amount of time needed to complete projects vary between clients. At times, they may even vary substantially. Because of this, it can be difficult to give estimates, but we will do our best. Besides the size of the project itself, other factors influence the speed of completion, like your participation and motivation. We know that a client with more items is likely to take more time than one who doesn’t, but did you know that your decision making plays an enormous role in how long a job will take? If you’re looking to save money, see if there are things that you can complete before, during, or after sessions on your own. There may be sorting that you can work on while your organizer assigns new storage spaces. Let them know what your budget and timeline is. The best thing you can do is have good communication.

This is where the hard work begins. Sorting, organizing and assigning homes can be exhausting and even emotionally draining at times. Your organizer is there to relieve much of the burden and assist you while you move through the process. You don’t have to knock it all out at once, sessions can last anywhere from two to six hours in a day. We can keep them as short as you’d like. Not only will your organizer help you sort and re-home items, but may be able to take donations to the donation center for you–and don’t worry–none of your belongings will be disposed of unless you agree to it. If any other resources are needed, we are likely able to provide them.

It’s so important that you are comfortable with your organizer. We are, after all, coming into your home to help you. All of your meetings will be completely confidential, and no photos will ever be used or posted with any personal details (we do love a good review or a kind word about our service to others, though). We know how personal this is, and it can be an emotional process, so we will move as quickly or as slowly as you need.

Most of all–thanks for trusting us with your home and memories!

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